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Armz: Smart Customizable Robot l Racing l Augmented Reality Armz uses different accessories and augmented reality to transform into a racing toy block coding teacher, home assistant, and more!



Armz is a smart robot that is equipped with different accessory parts that can be attached onto the central core to create a multifunctional entertainment device. From kids to adults, as long as you have a smartphone, you can access all of the content on the Armz smartphone app! Armz experts will be able to enjoy various application functions with the continued update and expansion of the Armz app.

① Attach the accessory parts to the Armz body, ② Launch the app and connect it to Armz via Bluetooth ③ Enjoy the variety of content provided by the Armz app.

Armz was designed to be a toy. Therefore, it’s most central and basic function is for “play”. Depending on the attachment, Armz can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. Through the Armz app, players will be able to enjoy multiplayer racing games and augmented reality games that are easy to learn but hard to master. We have designed Armz to be easy to assemble, safe to play, and robust in all conditions so that even children can fully enjoy playing with Armz.

From block coding junior content to Entry and Scratch, Armz provides a variety of coding training environments. Players can organically learn basic coding or instructors can even create a curriculum based on the parts and content available on the Armz application! Our gameplay modes and augmented reality feature will make sure that you, your child, or your student will be fully immersed in the world coding in a fun and stimulating way!

Armz apps has an 'Action Editor' feature that lets you make or create all the sounds, LED light actions, and motions of the parts. In addition, the Armz can be compatible with any accessory as long as it meets the specifications of the mounting area. This means that with a 3D printer you can create your own attachment and create a one-of-a-kind Armz that can perform functions outside of what is already provided! With this, we want to emphasize that Armz is much more than a simple racing toy.

[Field Test]


Armz comes with 5 different accessory parts. This is the greatest feature of Arms, and we are planning to have a variety of parts available in the future because we want Armz to be a fun, convenient and practical toy that can be enjoyed anytime in our everyday space. Every piece has its own personality, so you can play in various places.

Armz is a smart toy with hardware and software that can both be changed or customized by you!

The Armz accessory parts are detachable, easy, sturdy and safe for children. In addition to the five racing parts, there are various parts such as 'character shells’ and 'stands' which can be used to create visually captivating decor. These parts can be magnetically attached to and detached from the central core of Armz.

The picture above is a prototype of the 'character shells' that are being tested. The character shells can be selected and installed simply according to your own taste and preference. You can also change the software of the Armz central with the app to change the motion, sound, and reaction to certain situations. We are preparing various software character themes such as people of different personalities, robots, animals, etc., and we will patch them into the app so that users can easily change them at any time. This completes the customization function that changes the driving performance, appearance, voice and character of Armz.

[Character Customizing Test]

Armz is a smart toy that is controlled remotely by the Armz smartphone application. Four control methods and detailed setting functions have been made so that no matter what parts are mounted on the central core of Armz, there will be no problems with controlling its movement. The Armz app is built with Android and IOS, and is available for both tablets and phones. The app provides a multilingual environment and plans to expand its supported languages, starting with English, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese.

Tank Mode: Use the controls on the screen to move the right and left wheels.
RC Car Mode: Use the left stick to move forward or backward. Use the right stick to go left or right. This interface was designed to imitate RC Car controllers.
Armz Mode: Push the accelerator paddle button to go and press on the brake button to slow down. This mode simulates actual driving and so, Armz will not stop immediately when pressing the brake button. Instead, it will gradually slow down.
Sensor Mode: An accelerator paddle button and a brake button are located on the left side. The gyro sensor will measure the tilt and movement of your smartphone to control the Armz like a steering wheel.

Armz play style is not based on simple movement. Instead it is focused on dynamic actions that can be controlled remotely in order to play the preloaded game content on the Armz app. Right now, our dev team is close to completing AR content that can be enjoyed with Armz. In the near future, we plan to update various game contents such as racing, shooting, puzzles, and multiplayer content to enjoy with family and friends. Armz has the advantage of having fully customizable parts and contents that will allow players to enjoy a fun, new, and meaningful experience for everyone.

[AR Play Test]

Armz is small enough to be comfortably held by a small child, and it is very easy to remove and attach parts, so you can use all parts with ease. In addition, we use certified materials that are non-toxic to ensure that children can use our products. We choose polycarbonate for most of our parts because we believe that customers can enjoy Armz without having to worry about damaging it.

Armz is a coding training product. Block coding junior is for young children, is currently available in the app, and can be used in conjunction with Entry and Scratch as children continue to advance. We are building an environment that allows at least three years’ worth of coding education with one Armz. (Note: 'Bluetooth dongle' is required to connect Armz with PC version of Coding Training Software.)

Our vision is for users to tap into their imaginations naturally go through the learning process of basic coding as they play with Armz. Therefore, we are currently testing educational contents using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. In addition to coding education through AR, we want to create educational tools for languages, math, and color education for the benefit of young children and students who are just starting to venture into the field of computer science.

Armz is a Smart Creative Device that can function as a smart toy with fully customizable features. When Armz is used as an RC toy, all commands except motor motions are executed in units called 'action'. 'Action' consists of commands that control the execution of motors, LED lights, and sounds. It is accessory parts that perform these 'actions' according to various rules that have been programmed into the central core of Armz. The reason we have created this 'Action' system is to provide a user interface called 'Action Editor' to make Armz a creative device.

As soon as the 'Action Editor' is released, it will be easy for children to use. 'Action Editor' allows the user to change the behavior of Armz! Just remember this. Here are some examples of what you can do with Armz as a smart creative device.

Armz can be used as night light' and 'alarm'. The ‘night light' function is basically a lighting effect, but you can also use the Action Editor to play a melody that can sync with the LED lights. 'Alarm' is a function that executes the selected action at the set time and can use both sound and motor movements, so you can create an alarm that moves around the floor or on your side table. You can run these timers in your app, or you can hit a button on your device or tap on your device. If you run both functions at the same time, it lights up your sleeping light when you fall asleep and wakes you up in the morning.

Armz can greet the owner when he/she comes home. To be more precise, it greets you when your smartphone comes within the proximity of Armz’s sensors. Armz can also notifie you of events that occur on your smartphone, such as text messages, or phone calls. All of these notifications can be expressed in the action and sound of the user with the Action Editor, and they can be shaped like robots, dolls, or photographs, just like the photo above.

As the 3D printer industry has recently been placed in the spotlight, it is being used more widely in creative activities. When you create figures that take into account your Armz, you can create moving and talking smart figures. Please note that parts that are printed via 3D printer need to be as strong as or stronger than polycarbonate to ensure that the attachment will work properly with Armz.

[Smart Figure Test Demo]

The basic pack comes with one Armz main body and one side arm attachment of your preferred choice. Please write down the accompanying ID (C1, S2, etc.) after you select your reward tier. This will allow us to send you the correct reward. Don’t worry, we’ll send another survey at the end of the campaign to confirm your reward. You can switch your selection then. If you do not select a side arm attachment, we will select one randomly and send it to you along with the main body.

The plus packs all come with a list of configuration options.